Due to the province-wide stay-at-home order under the declared state of emergency imposed by provincial government, Ontario Women Anglers is suspending our Master Angler program effective tonight at midnight and until COVID-19 related restrictions are lifted, which will be to at least February 11, 2021.

Furthermore, we are cancelling the Ice Fishing Challenge scheduled to start on January 29.

Myself and the OWA volunteer team discussed the current situation and agreed unanimously that this is our best and only course of action to help keep our members safe.

We will update and change future programming in accordance with further directives from the government.

Please stay safe and stay home so we can all see each other soon.

For more details on the state of emergency rules visit:

The full guidelines can be found in this document:

Enhancing Public Health and Workplace Safety Measures in the Province-wide Shutdown PDF


Yvonne Brown

Ontario Women Anglers

January 13, 2021

Click on these links for more information on Physical Distancing, Face Coverings and Social Circles. 


Master Angler Program




The Ontario Women Anglers’ Master Angler Program is designed to encourage members:


  • to take their fishing skills to the next level

  • to investigate new fishing opportunities, bodies of water and species

  • to support and mentor other female anglers in catching quality fish

  • to provide some friendly competition at organized events and on individual outings

  • and most importantly…to encourage women to get outdoors and have fun!



NEW FOR 2020 - 2021

In October 2020, we asked members to take part in a survey regarding the eligibility of Master Angler fish caught while out with paid guides and charters. As you can see by the chart below, the results were 61% against using paid guides and 39% in favour. 


For 2020 - 2021, paid guides/charters* will not be permitted with the exception of the following species and ONLY when they are caught in the "Great Lakes and Connecting Waters":

*Payment could be in the form of money or other goods/services in exchange for guide/charter services.

*Assistance with gas, launch fees or meals is NOT considered payment for guiding/charter services.

  • Brook Trout  22"

  • Brown Trout  28"

  • Chinook Salmon  40"

  • Coho Salmon  34"

  • Lake Trout  36"

  • Pink Salmon  18"

  • Rainbow Trout (Steelhead)  28"

  • Walleye  28"

Great Lakes and Connecting Bodies of Water include but are not limited to:

  • All five Great Lakes

  • Lake St. Clair and St. Clair River

  • St. Lawrence River

  • Detroit River

  • Niagara River

  • Bay of Quinte

  • Georgian Bay  


*Ice hut rentals are NOT considered guided trips unless a paid guide is part of the outing.


  • OWA has added five new species to the program, revised lengths and divided some species into two categories to increase opportunities for catching Master Angler fish (see chart below):

    • ​Inland Bodies of Water

    • Great Lakes and Connecting Waters 

  • Participants must be paid Ontario Women Anglers members in good standing.

  • Entries can be fish caught in Canada and the U.S. only.

  • NEW Master Angler submissions will only be accepted from members who adhere to guidelines on social and physical distancing - no exceptions. This is in response to directives from Ontario's health officials directives.

  • Each fish submitted must be caught by the member herself and meet the minimum length requirement.  

  • Along with the completed online form, a photo of the fish must be e-mailed to:

  • Quickly photograph the fish on the measuring device as well as yourself holding the fish and release it back into the water.  CPR (catch, photo, release) is strongly encouraged to help the sustainability of our fisheries.

  • Fish should photographed on a flat surface, mouth closed at one end of the measuring device and tail pinched at the other end.

  • The entire fish and measurement must be clearly shown on a bump board or measuring tape in the picture.

  • The photograph should be taken directly above the fish, not on an angle.

  • Measurement should be to the closest 1/8" (no rounding up).

  • Also send in a picture of yourself holding your prize fish. We want to show off your success! Do not send in pictures of the fish on a stringer, hung from a scale or similar device. Please use proper fish handling methods.

  • Fish must be caught within the season they are open. Please check MNRF regulations for the fisheries management zone (FMZ) you are fishing. 

  • Submissions must be made within 30 days of the fish being caught.

  • Please post your pictures on your social media accounts and tag #ontariowomenanglers  If you are not already in the closed Facebook group, you can join at: 

  • The program will run from November 1, 2020 - October 31, 2021.

  • A silver OWA Master Angler pin will be awarded for each qualified submission during the program operating year. Pins will be handed out at our Christmas event or mailed in December of each year.

  • Only one pin will be awarded per species caught in each year regardless of how many Master Angler sized fish of that species you submit. For example, if you catch and submit three Black Crappie, you will receive one pin but you can submit another Master Angler sized crappie in the following year for another pin.

  • By sending in your submission, you confirm that you have read and followed the program rules. Additionally, you allow Ontario Women Anglers to use your picture(s) on our social media accounts and for promotional purposes.




  • Once you have earned 10 silver pins (and it may take several years), exchange nine of them for one gold Senior Master Angler pin…and wear it with pride!