Tracey Hill


It started with a camping trip to Sandbanks Provincial Park when Tracey, at eight years of age, got her first fishing rod. It was a Canadian Tire telescopic with a spincast reel and, after all these years, she still has it.  Only the rod has survived and the memory of when she first started fishing brings a smile to her face. More recently, a good friend of hers gave her a Shimano rod and reel set as a "get out there and fish” gift and it’s been her favourite ever since.


Tracey started fishing more frequently about five years ago and, after attending the OFAH Women’s Outdoor Weekend in 2013, fishing became her passion. It was through WOW that she was introduced to Yvonne and the Fishing 101 for Women program. In the two years since, she's participated in a number of events offered through Ontario Women Anglers ~ from seminars to weekend fishing trips ~ and has been inspired to get more women involved in the sport.