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Ontario Women Anglers - 2021 Mentorship Program

It could be said it takes an angler to make an angler. Most of us who enjoy angling can recall a fishing ‘expert’ or two who helped us get started or helped us learn new techniques - a mentor. They are the people who ignited a spark or added fuel to the fire of an angling obsession. As female anglers, we face different challenges trying to find a good mentor in this sport - so we are restarting the Ontario Women Anglers Mentorship Program!

We are fortunate with OWA to have women who have knowledge and experience in a wide range of angling styles and the willingness to share that with other women newer to the sport or trying to improve their skills.

There will be a private, moderated Facebook group where you can reach out to other female anglers as mentors, as mentees, or both. This is a FREE program open to all paid OWA members.

The purpose of the program is to:

  • support new/newer anglers

  • Provide new fishing opportunities to experienced anglers that would like to learn about new type of fishing they have not yet tried or to target a new species 

How to join the program - please complete these steps in order:


  • CLICK HERE to read through the program policies and guidelines.


  • CLICK HERE to join the closed Ontario Women Anglers Mentorship Program Facebook group.

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