Cara Carmichael


Cara has been fishing for as long as she can remember and grew up with two uncles in the competitive bass fishing series. She was only about 6 years of age when her uncle put a casting reel into her hand for the first time. A few rats nests later, she was addicted! She has been fortunate to have great coaching from her uncles as well as from her friend, Darren Izumi, and has followed in their footsteps by competing in tournaments.


She enjoys educating and blogging about how she has combined her love for fishing with traveling. In the summer, she fishes lakes and rivers in Canada and, during the winter, she travels to the warmer climates to learn more about salt water and deep sea fishing. Bass fishing is her favourite whether it's flipping for largemouth or drop shotting for smallies. Any day fishing is a good day!  Cara promotes positivity and educates youth, female and male anglers that may not have a chance to deep sea fish or catch the big one!