Anneliese Bochenek


As a child, Anneliese fished at the local pond where she hung out from dawn to dusk during summers. It wasn’t until after finishing school and starting a family that her passion for the sport really took off. With three kids in tow, fishing at Hamilton Harbour was a frequent family outing and, after buying some re-conditioned fly rods at an outdoors show, a new obsession was born. Guided fishing trips have become an annual birthday celebration for she and her son to share, targeting a different species each year and giving them the opportunity to befriend some of the best guides in the industry. It has also allowed the two of them to learn how to fish a wide spectrum of techniques and locales.


Anneliese doesn’t really have a favourite technique, place or species but rather now wants to go everywhere and catch them all! The good news is that, with the ladies at Ontario Women Anglers, she has now found a whole new group of equally obsessed fishers to join in her quest.